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Welcome to my brand new storefront!

I've been working on this for weeks, and I'm so excited to finally have something to show off. I severely underestimated the amount of work it would take to transfer everything over from my Etsy shop, but I'm so glad I finally made the plunge -- it's been super fun to customize everything and truly make my own shop.

If you've been following my Twitter account, you know that I've been shooting for doing a themed shop update once per month. My first shop update of the year was Hannibal themed, and it launched on January 15th. I was hoping to have this storefront available on the same day, but time got away from me and it wasn't finished by that deadline. While my February shop update isn't going to be as large or extravagant, I'm so happy to announce that it will be launching on this storefront first, and on Etsy the following day. I'll be posting more info about that very soon!

Thanks for reading this little blog post -- not sure how often I'll be updating, but it'll be a few times per year at the very least. But if you'd like to keep up with me more, my social medias are the best way to do it!